Cucciolotta is made with love

Cucciolotta products are made with love and care for details

Cucciolotta is an innovative project that has turned into a young and dynamic company located in Sangone Valley , with an internationally oriented business plan.
Cucciolotta associates the care of a hand-crafted product with the organization and innovation of a modern organized industrial plant. Starting from the research and development up to the manufacturing and distribution, each single process is under the control of the Board of Directors which is backed up by a team of motivated people securing high quality standards.

Cucciolotta is able to provide the right balance between know-how and operative skills.
Cucciolotta is deeply rooted in the owners’ love for pets and their will to offer them a safe, solid and comfortable shelter. The first use of the innovative high pressure laminate panels (HPL) in extremely tough thermal and wearing conditions, started ten years ago. Since that time, progress has improved the projects and the production processes. HPL is an environmentally friendly material with no particular maintenance required,

but offering an extremely high resistance against chewing , unlike any other materials available on the market. Thanks to the brilliant ideas of a young architect, the first doghouses have undergone an important evolution in terms of product finishing and range, along with the peculiar characteristic of being easy to transport and to assemble.
Nowadays, Cucciolotta is an expanding brand of doghouses , definitely appreciated by a growing number of clients who are pleased to learn that they are finally able to offer their pet friends a safe and cosy shelter.

Azienda Cucciolotta

Those who bought Cucciolotta would never replace it.

My opinion about this doghouse is that it offers the right comfort needed by a dog.

The material of this doghouse is optimal for cleaning and outstanding for its isolation properties. Because of the long time spent inside the doghouse, it is extremely important that the dog enjoys the best comfort. Furthermore, the being resistant to chewing, which most of the dogs generally do in the attempt of releasing tension during teething, represents an additional positive value of these new type of doghouses.

Marilisa – veterinarian

After trying the product, I can safely say that my own experience with Cucciolotta is amazing.

I love dogs. At present I have got five dogs and during the past years, I have been buying several doghouses. When I first bought Cucciolotta, I was able to assemble it on my own without any difficulty and in just 10 minutes. Really very simple! Besides, the doghouse is extremely resistant. Even the liveliest of my dogs, is not able to damage it in spite of its several attempts to chew it at length!

Giovanna – Owner of five dogs

It is not possible to compare this one with any of the formerly purchased doghouses.

Thank you Cucciolotta! We started with one unit at the beginning and now we own up to sixty. It is a quality product that is really a requirement in our case because of the important number of dogs we shelter. I must thank the owners of the company for showing their Cucciolotta products to us. They greatly supported us with our non-profit organization.

Pinuccia – Friends to be adopted – Non-Profit Organization