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Cucciolotta Ducky

volieraCucciolotta Aviary

Practical and cosy

Cucciolotta Aviary is suitable for most of the pet birds. It is provided with an extractable bottom drawer to help access for easy cleaning operations. The hygienic materials used for its construction protect the pet birds from pests. Cucciolotta Ducky is a special shelter protecting ducks when laying eggs. The entrance is separate from the nest room to isolate the latter from any predators’ attack attempts. The product is maintenance-free, waterproof, non-toxic, fireproof  and smell proof .

Why to buy them
  • Because they are useful and cosy: modern, functional and extremely solid design
  • Resistant to any weather conditions
  • No maintenance required
  • Simple to assemble
  • Easy to transport
Cutting-edge construction technology
  • Compact high pressure laminate (HPL) for open air spaces
  • Resistant to extreme thermal changes and weathering
  • Fireproof , anti-static  and termite resistant material
  • Heavy-metal-free, harmless to animals and the environment
  • Hygienic: any cleaning product works
  • Aluminium roof ridge with fastening at the outer edges to prevent water infiltrations
Easy assembly and disassembly in few minutes
  • Patented interlocking construction technology
  • Very few fastening areas at the edges to prevent water infiltrations
  • Extremely solid standing framework
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Cucciolotta Aviary & Ducky


Cucciolotta Aviary & Ducky

Aviary S

L 80 x P 63 x h 147 cm
L 60 x P 50 x h 123 cm
Kg 24,1
Cucciolotta Aviary & Ducky

Aviary M

L 120 x P 63 x h 160 cm
L 100 x P 50 x h 135 cm
Kg 31,2
Cucciolotta Aviary & Ducky

Ducky S

L 52 x P 55 x h 44 cm
L 32 x P 30 cm
Kg 10
Cucciolotta Aviary & Ducky

Ducky M

L 60 x P 70 x h 54 cm
L 40 x P 42 cm
Kg 15,5
white - timber