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Cucciolotta Nursery


Cucciolotta Nursery Fence

The right place to give birth

Cucciolotta Nursery is a specifically designed whelping box for the birth and gestation of animal offspring. It is the mother’s safe shelter during and after pregnancy. It is produced with cutting-edge technology and superior materials to guarantee extended durability and resistance to wear. The product is maintenance free, can be cleaned with any cleaning product, is water-resistant, non-toxic and fireproof.

Why to buy it
  • Because it is useful and practical: a specifically designed whelping box for this purpose
  • Because it is safe for puppies
  • Because it is guaranteed chew resistant
  • Because it is maintenance free
  • Because it is easy to assemble
  • Because it is easy to transport
Cutting-edge construction technology and chew resistant materials
  • Compact high pressure laminate (HPL) for open air spaces
  • Self-standing framework
  • Patented interlocking construction technology
  • Extremely solid standing framework
  • Fireproof , anti-static and termite resistant material
  • Heavy metal free, harmless to animals and the environment
  • Hygienic: any cleaning product works
  • Easy assembly and disassembly in few minutes
Easy assembly and disassembly in few minutes

sportello nursery

freccia su

Sliding access door for the safety of offspring. Mounted on wheels for effortless change of position.

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“We offer the right dog house for any breed size: choose here the right dimension and colours for your dog.

Visit the nearest retailer to touch the amazing solidity of Cucciolotta”.

Cucciolotta Nursery


Cucciolotta Nursery

Nursery S

L 91 x P 72 x h 45 cm
L 85 x P 65 cm
Kg 24
Cucciolotta Nursery

Nursery M

L 111 x P 87 x h 50 cm
L 105 x P 80 cm
Kg 33
Cucciolotta Nursery

Nursery L

L 131 x P 102 x h 55 cm
L 125 x P 95 cm
Kg 43
Cucciolotta Nursery

Nursery XL

L 151 x P 117 x h 60 cm
L 145 x P 110 cm
Kg 54
white - dark stone grey
Cucciolotta Nursery


Cucciolotta Nursery

Fence S

L 110 x P 110 x h 60 cm
Kg 13,2
Cucciolotta Nursery

Fence M

L 125 x P 125 x h 60 cm
Kg 15
Cucciolotta Nursery

Fence L

L 155 x P 125 x h 60 cm
Kg 16,8
Cucciolotta Nursery

Fence XL

L 185 x P 125 x h 65 cm
Kg 18,3
white - timber – dark stone grey