Save food

Save food


Cucciolotta Save Food

Cucciolotta Save Food Menu

Stylish bowl trays

Three convenient and clean solutions. Save Food can be conveniently fastened to the dog house whatever the size. Save 4 Food is a multiple bowl tray to save space. Save Food Menu and Double Menu are the right solutions for public open areas to make pet lovers feel welcome with their little friends.

Why to buy them
  • Because they are useful and cosy: modern, functional and extremely solid design
  • Resistant to any weather conditions
  • No maintenance required
  • Simple to assemble
Cutting-edge construction technology
  • Compact high pressure laminate (HPL) for open air spaces
  • Resistant to extreme thermal changes and weathering
  • Fireproof , anti-static  and termite resistant material
  • Heavy-metal-free, harmless to animals and the environment
  • Hygienic: any cleaning product works
Easy assembly and disassembly in few minutes



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Cucciolotta Save 4 Food

Cucciolotta Save Double Menu

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Save food


Save food

Save Food S

16,7 Ø
Kg 0,6
Save food

Save Food M

21 Ø
Kg 0,8
Save food

Save Food L

29 Ø
Kg 1,3
Save food

Save 4 Food

L 60 x P 60 x h 10 cm
Kg 2,8
Save food

Save Food Menu

21 Ø
Kg 2,3
Save food

Save Double Menu

21 Ø
Kg 3