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Kennels for Cucciolotta Dogs

The Cucciolotta kennels are the result of years of study and design, aimed at creating a kennel with superior characteristics, innovative and modern design and maximum comfort for the animal. They are designed and manufactured in Italy to give the maximum guarantee that Made in Italy can give. The particular interlocking technology is also patented and unique. The assembly is therefore very simple and entirely interlocking, easy and fast. The kennel also offers the best to the animal, being perfectly thermally insulated, waterproof and with the bottom raised from the ground.

Indestructible kennels: A puppy is forever

The Cucciolotta kennels produced in multilayer HPL are the definitive solution to the wear and tear typical of traditional kennels. Our laminated material is almost indestructible. Our kennels perfectly resist thermal shocks and the most extreme weather conditions. The kennels are not affected by temperature or water and do not need a cover in case of rain. They are non-deformable to atmospheric agents. The material is also flame retardant and anti-static and is not affected by the animal's termites or parasites.
It does not absorb liquids or the odors of the animal and for cleaning you can use a normal household cleaner and water. HPL is a safe material for both the animal and the environment, it does not present heavy metals and the animal cannot break or scratch it with bites or scratches. A real bite-proof kennel! Our kennels are designed to withstand any type of atmospheric or animal stress, durability is added to the strength and solidity of the structure.

Comfort and Practicality with Cucciolotta kennels

The design of the Cucciolotta kennels is designed to give maximum comfort to both the dog and the owner. In fact, they have excellent thermal insulation to make the kennel cool in summer and warm in winter. The dimensions of the front door and the internal volume are designed to be optimal for the corresponding dog size. A too bulky kennel loses thermal insulation, while a little bulky kennel is uncomfortable for the animal. But practicality does not end with the animal. Even the owner will have maximum comfort from the Cucciolotta kennel. It is in fact easy to transport and assemble, with the particular patented interlocking technology. Assembling and disassembling the kennel will be a matter of minutes and will not require specific tools or skills. Washing is simplified by the sunroof and just use soap and water for cleaning. Choose the comfort of Cucciolotta for your dog!