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100% Anti Red Mite

The characteristics of HPL make it unassailable by parasites, which cannot nest in it. You can say so goodbye to the RED MITE forever. The hygienic material does not absorb liquids or animal odors and can be washed with any cleaning product. Washing is simplified by the sunroof, choose the Cucciolotta comfort for your pets!

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HPL: Innovative Material
and ultra resistant

Our patented HPL laminate is free from heavy metals and harmless to animal health and for the environment in which they live. The material ignifugo e antistatic è resistant to all parasites, to thermal shocks and to weathering. The self-supporting high pressure laminate is designed not to be affected by any type of animal, so it is also anti bite and anti scratch. Products that they last a lifetime and are guaranteed for 5 years.

Why our chicken coops
They are different?

The experience gained over the years has allowed us to understand what the needs of hens and their owners and to find a way to best satisfy them. The different lines of our chicken coops are designed both for professionals and for those who are not in the sector and decide to have some hens in the garden.

A Cucciolotta is
we guarantee it

HPL chicken coops do not require no specific maintenance, can be easily assembled and washed even by non-professionals and are designed not to be damaged by animals or external agents. We are so confident in their quality that besides having the formula 30-day money back guarantee, all of our chicken coops offer a of 5 years warranty.

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