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Cucciolotta Kennels

Cucciolotta dog kennels are the result of years of study and design, aiming at creating a line with superior characteristics, innovative and modern design for the maximum comfort of pets. All the products are designed and manufactured in Italy to comply with the maximum quality that the Made in Italy brand stands for. The unique interlocking system is patented. As a matter of fact, the interlocking assembly results to be very simple, easy and fast. Thanks to their thermal insulation, water resistance and the bottom raised from the ground, the kennels offer the best in terms of comfort.

Long Lasting Kennels: Cucciolotta Forever

Cucciolotta dog kennels made with multilayer High Pressure Laminate (HPL) represent the ultimate solution to the typical wear and tear of traditional dog kennels. The laminate material has a nearly indestructible grade. The dog kennels are resistant to any thermal shocks and the most extreme weather conditions. The dog kennels are not affected by air temperature, moist and do not require a protection against rain. Moreover, the HPL is non-deformable by atmospheric agents, fireproof, antistatic and is not affected by termites or parasites. It does not absorb any liquids or the animal’s odours making the cleaning very simple by means of standard household cleaners and water. HPL is a safe material for both the animal and the environment. In fact, it does not contain any heavy metals and the animal cannot destroy or damage it with bites or scratches. A real chew-proof dog kennel! Our dog kennels are designed to withstand any type of atmospheric or animal stress offering an impressive lifespan and an unusual construction solidity.

Cucciolotta Dog kennels for Comfort and Functionality

Cucciolotta dog kennels are designed to deliver maximum comfort and functionality. Thanks to the excellent thermal insulation, the dog kennels remain cool in summer and warm in winter. The dimension of the front door and the internal space are designed to perfectly fit to the corresponding dog size. Excessive space inside a dog kennel ends up with loss of thermal insulation, whereas a cramped room is uncomfortable for the dog. However, not only the dog is advantaged by the comfort of the dog kennel, but also its master will definitely appreciate the functionality of Cucciolotta. The special patented interlocking system makes the carriage and the assembly of the kennel simple and fast. Assembly and disassembly is a matter of few minutes and does not require any specific tools or skills. The removable top roof supports the cleaning of the the kennel inside. A standard household product or simply water is enough. Make a comfortable choice for your dog and choose Cucciolotta!