Multi-layered HPL chicken coops for the garden and educational farms. Made in Italy chicken coops of perfect design to be integrated into the garden furniture and suitable for laying hens. Comfortable compartments will be used for hatching and it will be easy to extract the eggs without disturbing the animal. The material is extremely resistant, does not absorb odors and can be easily washed with water and simple household cleaners. The sunroof is designed to facilitate cleaning of the interior.

Small house for laying hens

Polly and Polly Farm

Puppy Polly

Puppy Polly Farm

There is something new in the garden

Cucciolotta Polly and Polly Farm are chicken coops specially designed to house laying hens in your garden, courtyard or open space. The slide for the descent becomes a closable door that avoids night intrusions. Built with an innovative technique and superior materials guarantee long life and wear resistance. They require no maintenance and are waterproof, non-toxic, fireproof and resistant to odors.

Why choose us
  • For its usefulness and comfort: two modern, functional and indestructible chicken coops
  • For weather resistance
  • For the absence of maintenance
  • For ease of assembly
  • For ease of transport

Innovative construction technology
  • Self-supporting structural high pressure HPL laminate for exteriors
  • Self-supporting structure
  • Resistant to thermal shocks and atmospheric agents
  • Flame retardant, antistatic and termite resistant material
  • Heavy metal free, harmless to animal health and the environment
  • Hygienic: it can be cleaned with normal detergents
  • Aluminum ridge with external fixing screws to avoid infiltrations
Assembly and disassembly simple and executable in a few minutes
  • Patented interlocking construction technology
  • Reduced screws and positioned outside the hen house to avoid infiltrations
  • Extremely robust bearing structure

Removable roof and bottom for easy internal cleaning

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